Prevent The Rust Before It Prevents You

Rust is a problem I’m sure we’ve all dealt with. It comes and goes throughout your lives and in some cases it may be a lot more problematic than usual. That spot growing on your car door, bathroom sink, or elsewhere can slowly spread to consume its entirety and greatly prohibit its desired performance.

A lot of people never consider how they can prevent rust from actually occurring, but instead worry about how they’re going to remove it. A powerful rust remover is of course never a bad idea. They’re powerful and usually get the job done well, but it’s never a bad idea to plan ahead and prevent the rust before it actually occurs.

Rust can’t be 100% prevented

Rust is in the future for pretty much any metallic surface in or around your home. Nothing is really safe and if you don’t take precautions to prevent the rust it will inevitably begin forming. As soon as you spot the first signs you should take action to begin removing it. You can usually do this by picking up a powerful rust remover such as Evapo rust, but you’ll probably be able to deal with most rust problems before they ever actually get to this point.

Watch that Car

If you have a car sitting outside it’s not safe either and you should pay close attention for any rust formations. Make sure to both wash and wax the body often and take note of any issue-spots you see that may become problematic. Have it sit in the sun for a bit each day to help keep the rust at bay. A little additional protection can be purchased in the form of a chemical kit. These are the same ones used at the big factories to prevent rust Automotive Undercoating formation on their vehicles for as long as they possibly can.

Homemade Rust Shield

If you don’t feel like purchasing professional kits, there are plenty of household items you can use for some simpler rust removal protection. For instance Anhydrous Lanolin and paint thinner works as a good coating material. Simply paint over the object or let it soak for a while. This will greatly protect it from rust formation and these two products are often already somewhere around your home.

One of the huge factors in rust formation is oxygen. So, suffice to say that preventing oxygen from touching it will work wonders in rust prevention. You can accomplish this by coating it with an acrylic paint as compared to a water-based paint. A similar method is to coat it with oil or grease. Both will work to protect the surface from oxygen and hold off the need for rust removal.

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