Make Money Making Movies – For Kids!

Unless you’re Steven Spielberg, a movie business opportunity may seem near impossible to achieve. But what if your actors and audiences are those who prefer “G” rated films with funny characters, mysterious but satisfying story lines and lots of wild costumes and props? If you own a video camera, a computer with video editing software, love to shop at thrift stores and garage sales, then you too can have a video based business and become a Steven Spielberg for kids who love acting.


Sure, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman probably won’t respond to your offer of a movie role. But the kids in your neighborhood may end up competing with each other for the lead role in your film, especially if the movie script for kids has an exciting story line.

If you want to become a Movie Director for kids plus get paid to make movies with them, here are four tips to help you call “Quiet on the set… Action!”

1. Check with your local city parks and recreation department. They are always looking for new classes and workshops to offer the residents in their city. See if they would like to include a movie making workshop for kids as one of their programs.

2. Both private and public schools often look for after school programs their students can participate in. If you are available in the afternoons, contact these schools and offer to teach a movie making workshop for kids.

3. You can offer short movie making experiences for children as an activity at kids birthday parties and events. Advertise in local parenting magazines and websites this unique, one-of-a-kind activity children will never forget – especially true since you will be providing them with finished DVD’s of their movie less than a week later.

4. If you are a classroom teacher, Girl Scout Troop Leader, home-school provider or after school care teacher, you can create a movie making activity and become a Movie Director to the children in your program. Parents can donate the blank DVD’s, costumes, props, and maybe even the technical equipment, so you can concentrate on running the movie set.

Halloween, with it’s fun costumes and make-up, only comes once a year. But movie making provides children with a chance to wear costumes, apply make-up and transform into exciting characters without the distraction of pumpkins and trick-or-treating.

If you would like more tips and resources for kids on how to make movies, visit [http

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